"I came to Tom to help manage work stress and peri-menopausal symptoms. Not only has he helped me navigate these issues, but he has also become my wellness and life coach. Through my work with Tom, I am leading a more balanced, energetic, and fulfilling life!"


"I have been going to Tom for more than 5 years to help stay healthy, as well as the occasional aches and pains of being over 65. Tom is a careful listener and keen observer. He is ready and very able to assist with your wellness goals."


“Throughout our lives, we encounter individuals who become part of the story of our lives. Tom Balles is one of the people who positively impacted my life by bringing balance, both physical and emotional, in order to encourage me to write my next chapters.

Stress, a new diagnosis, and in the early stages of my marriage, Tom used his talents and teachings to restore my body and mind through my treatment sessions. Using the traditions of acupuncture coupled with coaching, I developed an inner strength and health that I did not realize I had at my disposal. At each session, I continue to find restoration: both healing and “tuning” in my body as well as challenges to keep life meaningful and invigorated.

It has been almost 20 years since I first walked in his office door, and I continue to look forward to my monthly sessions that equip me to stay present in my day-to-day life as my story continues.”


“I originally began Zero Balancing® due to some physical pain that continued with little relief from western medicine. I found Zero Balancing® not only helped to eliminate my physical pain, but I also began to feel calmer and more at ease in my body.

Tom is a wonderful practitioner and I have continued to benefit from my Zero Balancing® treatments with him. Tom’s healing presence is gentle and powerful. I am very grateful to have him as my practitioner.”


“I have received acupuncture from Tom for years and he's much more than an acupuncturist. He brings a powerful healing presence to the room. He is a wise, holistic, compassionate listener who has the ability to hear you and guide you in very positive ways. I always leave feeling refreshed, more aware, and positive.

Because Tom brings such unique conversations to the room, I call him the "people whisperer."


“It was not an easy decision for me to make. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, I was strongly inclined to try alternatives to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. After deciding to incorporate those conventional modalities into my healing, Tom’s wise counsel and sensitive use of hypnosis was an important part of my preparation for surgery.

My fears were allayed; indeed, I walked into the hospital smiling. My recovery was quicker and involved fewer complications – such as no need for a blood transfusion – than my physicians report as common for the kind of serious surgery I underwent. I wish this kind of preparation for surgery was commonly offered by hospitals. And I am glad that Tom is doing it.”


“For ten years I have experienced the benefits of having Tom Balles as my acupuncturist. The atmosphere in his office is calm and relaxed and he has always treated me with compassion and respect. However, a session with Tom is about so much more than acupuncture. His patient's overall wellbeing is very important to him.

A relaxed conversation at the start of the session often ends with the patient sharing a problem or concern. Because Tom is an excellent listener, he is usually able to offer options or alternative solutions to those concerns. The acupuncture treatment itself is geared to the needs of each individual with an explanation of their benefits. And best of all, each session ends with good wishes and a warm hug!”