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Influential Reading

These books have shaped both my philosophical and practical approaches to the lives we share as human beings. Each of them has expanded my understanding of what’s possible, especially in the realms of health and healing. I hope they do the same for you.

Achtenberg, Jeanne. Imagery in Healing Shamanism and Modern Medicine.
Acosta, Judith and Judith Simon Prager. The Worst Is Over.
Andreas, Steve. Transforming Negative Self-Talk.
Austin, Andrew T. The Rainbow Machine.
Bernard, Toni. How to Be Sick.
Brothers, Chalmers. Language and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Carson, Shawn and Melissa Tiers. Keeping the Brain in Mind.
Church, Dawson. The Genie in Your Genes.
Connelly, Dianne M. All Sickness is Home Sickness.
Connelly, Dianne M. Medicine Words.
Duggan, Robert M. Common Sense for the Healing Arts.
Duggan, Robert M. Breaking the Iron Triangle Reducing Health Care Costs in Corporate America.
Flores, Fernando. Conversations for Action and Collected Essays.
Frank, Jerome D. and Julia B. Persuasion and Healing.
Hanson, Rick. Buddha’s Brain.
Hillman, James. Healing Fiction.
Illich, Ivan. Limits to Medicine Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health.
Levine, Stephen and Ondrea. Who Dies.
Loy, David R. The World is Made of Stories.
McNeilly, Robert B. Healing the Whole Person.
Mercier, David G. A Beautiful Medicine.
O’Hanlon, Bill, Sandy Beadle. A Guide to Possibility Land.
Olalla, Julio. From Knowledge to Wisdom: Essays on the Crisis in Contemporary Learning.
Prochaska, James O., John C. Norcross and Carlo C. DiClemente. Changing for Good.
Rollnick, Stephen, Willliam R. Miller, Christopher C. Butler. Motivational Interviewing in Health Care Helping Patients Change Behavior.
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Sullivan, John. The Spiral of the Seasons: Welcoming the Gifts of Later Life.
Sullivan, John. Living Large Transformative Work at the Intersection of Ethics and Spirituality.
Tiers, Melissa. Integrative Hypnosis.
Weil, Andrew. Spontaneous Healing.
Zander, Rosamund Stone and Benjamin. The Art of Possibility.
Zweig, Connie and Jeremiah Abrams, ed. Meeting the Shadow.